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Our Purpose

We are changing the way Americans accesses justice, revolutionizing the antiquated legal marketplace by making legal services easier for both clients to procure and attorneys to provide.

Remote.Legal addresses the gap between those who qualify for legal aid and the 80% of other Americans that are priced out of high fee hourly legal services. We are connecting people to legal services that are FAST, AFFORDABLE, and CONVENIENT and providing attorneys with a system to easily provide the services people need.

For Clients

Navigating the legal world can be overwhelming. With a traditional attorney, seeking help could cost you thousands of dollars and hours of your time. With an attorney through remote.legal you will be able to quickly find an attorney in your price range, for the service that you need and nothing else.

Some of the attorneys on this site offer packages of “unbundled services” which utilize the technology that DIY law sites use, but with lawyer guidance and review. Just as each case in unique, each lawyer is unique as well, which is why some lawyers offer more services through our site than others. Even though you won’t be spending hours in a law firm, you will still be able to have a face to face human interaction with your attorney using our secure video chat. Remote.legal allows clients to have all the benefits of real legal advice at an affordable price.


You will be able to search for attorneys on remote.legal like any other online lawyer directory, like Avvo or Nolo. However you will be able sort by price, if they attorney is online and willing to chat at that moment, or time available, as well as by practice area and state. Once you create an account and login you will be able to securely communicate with attorneys and see if their services are right for you.

Some of our attorneys have packages on their websites for things such as wills, leases, contracts, and letters. Once you purchase a package you will be guided through a series of questions that will help the attorney to finalize documents that you purchased. The attorney will review these documents and have a 30 minute consultation with you to ensure you understand the documents, their limitations, and any further steps you have to take.

Alternatively, you are able to post a short summary of your issue at the price point you are willing to pay for. This “ad” will be seen by qualified attorneys and those interested in your case and they will be able to show their interest with the click of the button. You will then be able to review the attorneys interested in your case and choose the right one for you.

For Legal Professionals

Attorneys Looking For Clients

Remote.legal is an ideal place for virtual attorneys, part time attorneys, and freelance attorneys. Attorneys can set up a profile with price transparent unbundled legal services or hourly rates. Clients can search for attorneys based on price, service needed, practice area or state. Clients will have the option to purchase legal services online, or attorneys can arrange other methods of payments.

Freelance Work

Solo attorneys can often face the “feast or famine” of cash flow. To counter this attorneys will be able to post and apply for project based freelance work. Best of all, attorneys can select the level of professional that they need for a project: attorney, JD, law student, or paralegal.


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